Different Figure ! ’23/03/2015′

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Triangle/ Pear figure: Where the hips are wider than the waist and bust and shoulders are always narrower than the hips.
Feature: short legs with full thighs.

Inverted triangle figure: Where the shoulders are wider than the hips. In this figure, you have a large bust, slim legs and a flat bottom.
Feature: Fat comes mainly in the abdomen, chest and face before.

Rectangle figure: In this figure you have a boyish look. You have a small or medium bust, slender arms and legs.
Characteristic: the hip has the same width as the waist and also highlights a flat bottom.

Hourglass figure: in this figure the hips and bust are in the same latitude that allows the waist narrower than the bust and hips.
Feature: narrow waist.

Diamond figure: a small waist with a large and high stomach. The hips are very narrow or wide.

Round / oval figure: Has curves everywhere. Especially around the waist. The stomach is full, there are broad hips and thighs are full.

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