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Another day, Another combo!
This week, I’ve interviewed Pamela about her fashionstyle combined to her body!
I love her style and would love to let you guys know how she does it!

What do you wear the most?

“Dresses! Especially Ladress dresses. I’ve become obsessed by them.
Why? Well, whatever figure you got, are you a bit skinny or a bit thicker like me?
They always fit gorgeously. You can look tough if you combine them with boots or classy if you combine them with lovely pumps.
They are for the young but also for a bit older people.
And if I don’t wear a dress, I always have a pair of black skinnies from NYDJ.
They are for every size, short, long or even extra long woman. The pants are just made that it’ll look like you are 2 sizes smaller!”

How do you combine clothes to your body?

“I do that just by accepting that I don’t have size 36.
Not that it is any bad because I love my body.
That you have a 40+ size these days, won’t have to say that you have to walk in clothes that don’t fit you at all.
And just to start of by is your underwear! If you got the right underwear, 
everything you put on on top of that will fit brilliantly almost every time.
Even Kim Kardashian has help from Spanx. And if that is enough for Kim, it definitely will also be good for us girls!
I choose clothing where I know my strong parts will come forward.

But more importantly, what do you want to express? How we dress ourselves is part of your personality.

In example, 2 people with the same posture and clothing could look very different. All because of personality!
I really like special stuff. I’m not very young (just passed 40). Luckily I look quite young (that’s what I think though).
I love wearing a lot of black but often combine it with something remarkable!
A lovely colorful bag or tough jewelry, even special types of shoes. Maybe something provocative.
A point where I definitely pay attention to is presentation!
You have only one chance to leave a good impression.
Grooming is everything. Woman marry, get kids and forget their selves on the go…
Try to prevent that! I won’t even take out the garbage without any make-up on.

I like going to the barber every 13 weeks, for a special vitamin treatment.

Every 9 weeks to trim the ends.

Every 10 weeks to wax my mustache.

Every 6 weeks to depilate.

Every 4 weeks I get a pedicure.

Every 3 weeks a massage.

Every 2 weeks I get my nails done.

These are all part of your clothing.
A nice Armani suit with a bad color outgrowth in your hair is a NO NO!”

What is the biggest mistake you definitely not should commit?

“Don’t become an opportunist. Don’t wear hip pants when you don’t have to figure to go with that!
Just because it is fashion? Be honest to yourself!
You see that a lot of kids get teached that you have to be ‘normal’.
That is why you see that youngsters look a like so much. Nobody is still their true person,
no one dares to be different anymore.
I dare to wear a lovely dress combined with a tough Alexander McQueen ring with a skull and 
frumpy pearl-earrings!
But that is due to the fact that I have the personality for that. Might sound arrogant but it is me!
Dare to be remarkable but express yourself!”

Thank you Pamela!



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

Style To Your Body...

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