The first man in my blog! ’28/05/2015′

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What? What?! WHAT? A man??? 
Yes, today is the day I start with articles about how males combine their clothes with their bodyfigures.
I’ve interviewed a friend about his clothing style. Curious how he does it? Check it out!

What do you like to wear the most? And why?

I prefer wearing minimal style clothing with fabric being the most important and fit.
My color palette is a lot of black, grey and for the spring/summer some tints dirty pink and olive.
I rarely wear t-shirts with graphic prints with the exception of a few brands which I think has some dope
prints and fits my body type.




I like a challenge and the clothes I wear is how I express myself. 
Dare to be different I would say.

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I’m 1,80m and weigh about 73kg, finding clothes fitting my body type is relatively easy.
Depending on the season, right now my daily wear would be jeans tapered or rolled up above my ankels
(got to show the kicks) with a longsleeve or short sleeve t-shirt as a layer piece with a sweater.

What are the points where you pay a lot of attention to? And also would recommend the readers to?

What I focus on the most is the fitting of my clothes. Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit you. I’m not saying the oversized look
is a bad thing but you have to learn how to combine it to make it a complete good looking outfit. Try to be yourself
following trends is an inspiration for your outfits but not every trend will look good on you. You just need to experiment
and combine different looks or be the trendsetter and make it yours.

What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t do? (so it definitely won’t fit your body)

Wearing something that you saw someone wearing but when you wear it it won’t look good on you.
For example the big hat Pharrel made a trend of can look good on certain people but I personally wouldn’t see me wearing it,
it doesn’t fit the shape of my head. 
Another thing which is my opinion if you’re still wearing the all black look with the all over white graphic prints, you are late. 
That trend was way back in 2013-2014, we are in 2015 now.

Thank you so much for that interview Raoul!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

Style To Your Body...

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