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juli 2015

HotHotHot ! ’29/07/2015′

Is it hot, and do you have no idea where you can go? Well, how about Scheveningen! (For the Dutchies). There are many lounges where you can drink, or eat!

Hijab! ’27/07/2015′

I like the Hijab fashion! The women that wear a hijab make the outfit different and cool. Personally I don’t wear it but i like how the women who wear

SNEAKERS!! ’24/07/2015′

The best shoes in the world are sneakers! They are easy to walk on and they are the best shoes to combinate your clothes with. With everything! But which sneakers

Sport fashion ’10/07/2015′

How to dress yourself? Do you dress yourself for a place or do you dress yourself based on how you feel at that moment? Personally i dress myself for a

Dior and I ’09/07/2015′

Dior and I! You were great! ( fabulous) Are you wondering how it goes behind the scenes in the fashion houses? Or are you actually wondering how designers work?Then I

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