Bday Party! ’09/09/2015′

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Last friday I came back from Alanya (Turkey). And a week ago was also my birthday, soo.. The first day that i’m coming back in The Netherlands, i gave a little Birthday Party!
I missed a lot of my friends because I didn’t saw them for a month!

I made a lot of little desserts and snacks for them with my friend Sonja. But first we went to the super market to buy a lot of food! There was obviously nothing in my house to eat because I just came back from my vacation.
Soo, I asked Sonja to come with me! We got into the the red car and went to the market.


After the market I came back and made the desserts and snacks for my friends!
At 7 PM my friends started to come. I put on the music and we made a lot of fun together. But first I gave everybody a BIG HUG because i missed them!
And we continued with some wine and nice snacks!


We went to a club to continue to party later on. It was a funny night. With Sunnery James!
Don’t forget this; if I say that’s my PARKINGSPOT! Then it is my parkingspot!
I was a little cheeky and parked in a spot while someone else wanted to park there. :)))
But I had a great night with my girls!

It was a perfect BDay and thanks for coming!
Let me know if you made the same dessert and snacks as me!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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  1. Sonja zegt:

    You are a fashionable person ! i love how you are !
    Keep going with you’re blog !! i love it

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