Socks the new fashion trend? ’14/09/2015′

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We love to wear sneakers! It’s comfortable and you can combinate it with a lot of clothes!
And now it seems to be a trend to wear your socks high above your sneakers.
The wiet socks are very populair. And it’s very lovable! The old hiphop culture wears it a lotl in the earlier times. If you know these comedy series; Fresh prince of Bel Air, Keenan and Kel, Martin Lawrence show and the Jamie Foxx show, you’ve probably saw this trend a lot! Want to know more about the socks? After the interview!

What do you like to wear most? And why?

Recently , I’ve been wearing jeans and crops, quite often – mostly because jeans tend to go with everything , and crop tops are my absolute fav!

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I generally try to wear clothes that don’t make me look too wide or short ( because I am wide and short lol ) and I love bright vibrant colours!

What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And also, what would you recommend the readers?

I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in society’s “rules” of does and donts but honestly we should all wear whatever we want, WHENEVER WE WANT. We don’t live for society , we life for ourselves!

What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make? (It definitely won’t fit your body.

In my opinion my body does not look good in looses fitting clothes, I feel as though they don’t go particularly well with my body type or my hair style.

Thanks for the interview Michelle!

Socks are coming back!
What’s your favorite pattern in the socks? And what’s your favorite store to buy a lot of these different kinds of colorful socks? Let me know!



Love, Seylan Aslan

Seylan Aslan

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