The new style! ’30/09/2015′

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I posted a lot of different pictures on my instagram account last time and as you can see I’m in love with the Bohemian Bourgeois style!



Last friday I went to the shopping centre of Rotterdam to look what the style is from now, and what the people like to wear. The most colors that I see were white, nude, brown, orange, yellow, little bit khaki and black. Thats a lot of autumm colors! The style of this autumm takes a lot inspiration of the Bohemian Bourgeois style!


People like to wear fake suede, fake coats and fake leather. In the Zara I saw a lot of these things. The H&M have the same things! I bought a suede dress from the Zara. I remember that I got just a look a like dress of when I was 6 years old. The old fashion is coming back!


The do’s with this fashion season: fake coats, fake suede and fake leather.
The don’ts with this fashion season: pink color or fake plastic.

Let me know if you know a store with a lot of Bohemian Bourgeois style!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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  1. Maaike zegt:

    I love that dress ! The color is amazing, perfect for autumn !

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