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Yess, it’s winter now and we love to dress ourselves but it’s hard to dress because it’s really cold now and we don’t want to be cold. But we love dress fashionable… This is the most biggest struggle in life. And it’s not loveable to always wear dark colors in the winter. Wear t-shirts or other clothing pieces with prints!
But how can you combine it?
After the interview!


This time I interviewed my teacher. Read her interview!

What do you like to wear? And why?

I like to wear simple pants with a blouse. Not too much color or wild prints. A person doesn’t need to be overwhelmed by a hysterical outfit. Funny enough I bought a blouse with a busy print not a long time ago. I really liked it though, so I couldn’t let it hang. The brand is G. Kero, a trendy French brand. Even Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne wear it! The designer paints celebrities or people on the beach (see pictures) with aquarel. The blouse is designed in some sort of A-line, it gets wider around the belly: that’s great, that way I can keep eating ;-).

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I like to wear white and creme above the waist and beneath the waist darker colors. That way I’ll look husky above the waist and slim beneath the waist. I have a old, Dutch pear-shaped figure.

What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And what do you recommend the readers?

I’m getting older so I don’t need to dress myself up like an 18-year old. I don’t need to dress in some flowerdress with some support hoses either. My skirts aren’t allowed to be too short, and my crop-top time passed too. I think it’s kind of sad when a 40-year old women, and older, dresses in uber trendy clothes. A classier look is more convincing as fashion style and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re old.

What’s the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make?

In my opinion: going to a wedding underdressed (for example in jeans and sneakers). That’s a really bad idea. It looks like you don’t have any respect for the newlyweds, at all.


Thank you for the interview Petri!

Back to the “winter print combinations?”.
The best option to combine is to choose 1 piece of clothing with a print and than make a combination with your other pieces! Too much different prints is a NO NO!
Or wear the pants with a blouse in the same print but choose a basic color jacket!


Always combine 1 piece with print with basic pieces! It’s always the best option and don’t be afraid to wear colorful prints! That gives a little bit more color to the world in these dark days and it’ll look nice on you!
Choose for your basic clothing pieces from the following colors: grey, black, white, khaki and bordeaux.


I hope you liked this article and if you got a problem send an email to:



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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