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I was walking with my best friend in the city and we went to Bazar (a restaurant). In a corner of my eye I saw a little store. It made me curious. So I walked into the store. The sales woman helped me and gave me a lot of information about the bra. What is it, why is it the best and who is the designer.



“And YESS finally Marlies Dekker helped me with a problem!”



I got the biggest struggle with bra’s. I can’t wear any bra and not every bra is the best for me. Soo.. I found the perfect store with classy, love and passion in a street in Rotterdam.
So I decided to buy a set. And yess they told the truth: it’s a really good bra!



The woman that helped me told me that Marlies Dekker designed the brackets on the corset in the old fashioned way, so your breasts won’t hurt! de beugels op zijn oude corset manier ontwerpt waardoor de beugel niet je borsten gaan irriteren! And that was my biggest problem. It’s not the cheapest bra but, hey, they are sales everywhere now so why won’t you buy it?

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Check out the website and the store! I am in love with the bikini’s so maybe you’ll see me next summer with the Marlies Dekker bikini’s !


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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