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Every woman likes to wear heels. But every woman also knows that wearing heels are going to hurt after a while. What is the best option to wear heels and what can you do to make heels hurt less?
I ‘ll give you some tips about how I wear heels and what I do!



A lot of people know that I go to parties with heels. And everyone around me knosw that I can walk &party for 7 hours on heels. YESS, that’s a lot of hours but how do I do that???





• Tip 1 : Wedge heels are the best heels to walk on. They’re easy to walk and party on. And the bright side of wedge heels is that you can wear them for longer than 7 hours without having feet that hurt! They say always start from the bottom sooo… Start to wear wedge heels!


• Tip 2: If you’ve got new sheels put them in the freezer! Yess it sounds weird but it works because after 2 hours you can get them out of the freezer and wear them with thick socks! The heels will incorporate your foot shape and that way it’ll walk better!




• Tip 3: Practice a lot of time on your heels! You’ll learn to walk more and more on heels and it feels easier to walk!


• Tip 4: Try a shoe with a thicker heel. It walks easier and better and you can wear it longer on a party. It’s a good start for a beginner. If you walk on heels many times, you’ll eventually learn how to walk on heels properly. It’ll become easy to walk on stilleto pumps as well!


I hope you liked my tips and let me know if you’ve got more tips!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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