Color color &color! ’22/01/2016′

It’s now winter. It’s cold everywhere and the sky is white and blue. A lot of people are feeling depressed because of the weather and you can see that by the colors they’re wearing. A lot of grey, black and other dark colors. But try to wear something more colorful or give yourself a really colorful outfit!
I’ll give you some tips about how you can combine colors after the interview!

This time I interviewed Miles about his style, check it out!

What do you like to wear most? And why?

Dear Ms. Aslan thank you for this opportunity and being interested in my style. My style would be mostly men’s streetwear. When it comes to my style the things I like to wear most are chelsea boots. I really like the timeless look of them and the simple but sleek style they give off. I really like suede ones they compliment my outfits very well.

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

When I put an outfit together I tend to look at certain color tones, textures and sizing. I’m really liking earth tones right now and baggy fitting tops with skinny jeans.

What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And also, what would you recommend the readers?

The reason I like earth tones and baggy fitting tops and why I pay a lot off attention to them is because one for aesthetic reasons, and two because it makes it easier to layer other garments. Baggy crewnecks and hoodies with a longline tee shirt underneath is a perfect look to me when it comes to men’s streetwear.

What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make?

Overall, when its comes to fashion be it men or women the key is to find what you like and simply just wear it. Style has a lot to do with confidence. Whatever outfit you put together wear it with confidence. At the end of the day as long as you like your own style then thats all that matters. Don’t just copy others and be something you’re not because thats the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. Be true to yourself and your style will naturally be a hit with other people.

Thanks for the interview Miles!


Back to the color color &color!
Tip 1 • If you like to wear black and grey clothes try to wear 1 piece with full color! It’ll give your outfit more power and it gives yourself and people around you summer feelings!
Tip 2 • Try to wear colorful shoes or a bag with a shiny color! That’ll let your shoes or your bag strike more and it gives your outfit a nice combination and a color!
Tip 3 • Colorful jewelery on a black outfit gives your outfit enough color and it looks really nice!
Tip 4 • Be yourself and wear what you like! A person that has feelings for fashion can combine everything and can wear everything at every season!

I hope you liked my tips and let me know if you’ve got more tips or if you want to know more!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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