The style in the video clip! ’27/01/2016′

I saw a videoclip of an Albanian woman not a long time ago.


The colors in the clip and the combination is fantastic! I asked some friends about what they thought about the color and the style combinations.

Sonja: Whenever I see the clip the first thing that catches my attention is the way she dresses herself. Her clothes are fashionable and special! Just like the pink fur collar, it’s amazing in combination with her lipstick. I also think the clip is made in a really cool way. I don’t have the guts to walk in the middle of a highway.
The combination with the two languages are neat in my opinion. You don’t always need to rap or sing in English. All in all, it’s a good clip which I’ll definitely watch more times!


Bruna: I absolutely lóve the coat! The pink fur is eye catching in the winter wonderland background. Her make-up, clothing style and accesoires show us she is a girl you don’t can mess with, but the pink fur shows us that she’s sweet and vulnerable too. The pink-green combination is surprising too, I never thought these colors could match so well. Her make-up seems ‘natural’, and the most eye catching thing about her make up are her lips. The purple color matches her well, and also gives her a sweet but ‘powerchick’ attitude.
The music is catchy and even though I don’t understand a word she sings, I kind of get the idea of the subject of the song.
But I think I’m going to check the lyrics, ’cause something is telling me I’m probably wrong ?.
But all in all, it’s a really cool clip and I encourage you guys to check the clip out. It’s cute and sweet and badass at the same time!
(But you mostly need to watch it because of the coat!!)

Me: I like the color combination in the clip. It’s white everywhere with a pink coat. This way the coat gets the attention. The thing I like most is that she is wearing whatever she wants in the winter. That’s the way I like fashion the most: ‘wear whatever you want and what you like’.


Write your opinion in the comments because I’m curious about your opinions!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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