My favorite heels! ’10/02/2016′

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I love to wear heels and a lot of people know that. I’m going to give you some tips about how I wear it and I give you some tips about how you can walk in heels.


My favorite heels for now are the:


1 • Topshop “Ringo D-ring ghillie Sandals”. It was only for 26,- in the sale and I love to make a combination with a lot of different clothing pieces!
They are lovable because and they are easy to walk on because of the ropes. You can out them on tight and that way you’ll walk better. And it also looks nice! The python print combined with the rope is also nice!


2 • Acne Studios Black heels are one of my favorite heels! They are extraordinary because of the main craft puppet on the front. It’s black and basic, but because of the front it has something special. They are fun to combine and they are great to walk on because it’s exactly my size. When your heels are put on tight and they go perfectly around your feet, it’s heavenly to walk on.


3 • Blink shoes “black &nude” colors are the best heels to walk on, and they are easy to take with you. They heel isn’t too high, so it makes them comfortable to walk on. They are basic so you can combine them easily. They are really light so you can take them in your purse or bag. If my feet hurt Because of high heels I mostly put on the Blink heels. Incan walk on them for whole nights!

This is my heels top 3. I hope you liked it and if you know other really nice heels, please, let me know!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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