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Everybody likes to shop and yeah.. Some people don’t like shopping, but they’re forced to shop because everyone needs new clothes! Fashionable people shop because they simply love shopping. But did you ever asked yourself of you really need that one piece of clothing? If you’re going to wear it multiple times? I’ll give you tips about it, after the interview ofcourse!


This time I interviewed Sephora, check out her interview!


What do you like to wear most? And why?

I really like wearing high waisted jeans or dresses, crop tops and boots .
It makes me look like I’m a professional and casual at the same time and I feel really good in it.

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I always choose clothes that highlight my curves and my feminity because to me a girl should always be sexy, no matter what!

What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And also, what would you recommend the readers?

I pay a lot of attention to the clothes I choose because When you choose something you have to make sure you will feel gorgeous in it because you will be wearing the clothes. It’s not the clothes that wear you , add your own personality and slay it!!

What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make? (It definitely won’t fit your body)

Some clothes match with some kinds of morphology: for example, if you are skinny on the top and curvy like me you should not wear large t-shirts .


Thankyou for the interview Sephora!


Back to the ‘how do you buy your clothes’.

Tip 1 • Try to make sure if you really need that clothing piece before you actually buy it.

Tip 2 • It’s smart to figure out how you want to combine the clothing piece you’re about to buy, so make sure you’ll think about that!

Tip 3 • Is it a timeless clothing piece? If it’s a timeless piece of clothing, you can wear it many more times and for a longer period of time. A trendy clothing piece is mostly popular for a short time. So keep that in mind!


I hope you liked my tips and if you know more, let me know!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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