BALMAIN paris hair couture! ’24/02/2016′

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I went shopping in Amsterdam with my best friend last monday. After hours of checking out clothes and bags we went to the Bijenkorf (my favorite store).

We saw the BALMAIN Paris hair couture. We went to the woman who works there to ask about the products and other information. She took a spray and sprayed it on one sode of my hair. I turned around so she could soray the other half, and that’s when all I could hear was ‘Wooooow!’ from my friends. I was confused about why they were screaming like that and took a look in the mirror. That’s when I saw it: my hair was literally shining, it looked perfect and it smelled really good!

I bought the ‘argan moisturizing elixir silk perfume’. It’s a serum for your hair with pure argan oil and silk extracts. It’ll give your hair a boost for a smooth and healthier look.
Tip: use it when your hair is still wet or dry. Do not rinse it out!


I bought it immediatly and I got the ‘texturizing salt spray volume mousse strong’ with it. I already had this product some time ago and I was really happy with it!
The seasalt spray gives your hair more texture and body.
Tip: for body, you have to spray it on wet hair. For texture you’ll need to spray it on dry hair!


It’s the best investment I ever did.


If you know more about these products, let me know!



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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