My 3 favorite bags! ’16/03/2016′

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I love bags! Which woman doesn’t to be honest? I think every woman does, even men use bags. There are bags for every occasion. But what are my favorite bags? And why specifically these bags?


The first bag I absolutely love is the Ted Baker SHOPPER. Why? They are really handy for stuff to carry around. And you can clean them in no time! If youmve got a laptop you have to take with you, this bag’ll come in handy as well. The handles are really strong and they don’t break that easy. The model of the bags are really sweet as well and easy to combine!


my second favorite bag is the Furla Candy bag. This bag is great for spring and summer but it’s also really easy to take with you. You can’t fit too many things in yhere, but I take it with me mostly when I go out for dinner or just to have a drink with friends! It’s easy to clean and it’s also easy to combine with summer outfits!



The last but not least of my favorite bags: the VERSACE mini bag. I take it mostly with me when I’m going out to shop or go to another city. It also comes in handy for festivals or when I’m going on a holiday! It’s really small, so I can only fit my keys, a mini wallet, lipstick and my phone in it. That’s unfortunate, but the bag is still handy when I’m in a rush or want to be sure my stuff will be safe! I really like the combination of the nude and pint and I can easily combine it with basic outfits!


These were my favorite bags! If you know more fabulous bags or saw other beautiful bags, let me know!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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