Miss Teen of Zuid-Holland! ’01/04/2016′

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I interviewed a friend of mine about what she wears. But she isn’t a regular person, she is one of the finalists for Miss Teen of Zuid-Holland! (South-Holland) It doesn’t seem easy to me to have your own style in your daily life, only to have a whole other style (on heels!) during the miss contest. Or is she killing her daily style on heels as well?
Check the interview about her experience!

What do you like to wear most?

What i like to wear most is heels. Now that I’m a finalist of Miss Teen of Zuid-Holland and I have to wear them all day at practice, I do not wear other shoes anymore. They are part of me now.

How do you combine your daily style with the fact you’re a miss teen?

Now that I’m a Miss Teen, I wear more girly stuff.
So I wear more colors and prints, something what I never wore before. I was someone that wore black and white 90% of the time!

Do you use your skills in your miss teen moments?

For the Miss teen moments I do use my new and improved skills more. I know now which colors fit me and which ones do not.
I walk like a pro now in heels so, that will be shown in the final on the 9th of april.

How would you like to be described as by people who are voting for you?

As Miss teen I stand for a multicultural society and it does not matter whatever your skin color you have to be Miss Teen of Netherlands. If I receive the title I will represent this with honor and passion and work hard to be one of the best in it.

Huge thanks to Shanisa for doing this interview!
It’s great you’re participating. And the readers need to vote! We all want Shanisa to be Miss Teen Zuid-Holland!

I hope you guys learned somethings about this interview, and don’t forget to be yourself with your style, you’ll come further with this than you might think!



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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    Prachtig. Shanisa enjoy youre days . with love. Groeten uit Bonaire

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