Space Space Space Colors ! ’07/04/2016′

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SPACE! The new trend for 2017, yess this is the trend that is coming soon and we can check it out in the collections of Thierry Mugler. We can also check the new color trends!
After the interview I’ll tell you more about it, but first the interview!



This time I interviewed Michella about her style, read it and know more about her style!

What do you like to wear most? And why?

I love to wear dresses and skirts. I can’t wait until summer. Ahw love to show my tanned leggs and ofcourse high heels

How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I am really lucky with my body. I can eat what I want and my size will always be the same. The only thing that I can’t wear are short dresses and skirts because of my long torso. I Also don’t like to wear flat schoes or sneakers because my feet are looking really big when I do… I think…


What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And also, what would you recommend the readers?

I geus… The total result has to be very feminine.
Attractive, lady like, but still classic. So no sneakers or oversized clothes. I Also don’t like to show to much skin. Legs and arms are oké.


What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make? (It definitely won’t fit your body)

I hate it when women wear clothes that are to tight. You Should look at my face; not everyone needs to look at my “body”. I think it’s ordinairy.
You Also don’t see me in All Stars, oversized sweaters or a tracksuit.


Thankyou for the interview Michella!

Back to the “SPACE SPACE SPACE!”
As you can see in the interview and the pictures of Michelle she likes to wear classic clothes and a lot of white, baby blue etc.
And those are the colors of the new trends that are coming soon! The colors purple, white, baby blue, baby pink and black are the colors of the new trend, but don’t that forget Thierry Mugler always uses these colors and the theme space in it’s collections! And in the collections of Chanel you always see the colors white, baby blue, baby pink, purple and black. In short, the old fashion colors are coming back!

The next time I’ll tell you about the items that are also coming back with these colors, but if you see lovable items, let me know!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

Style To Your Body...

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