Chanel Maquillage 2.0! ’18/04/2016′

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As many of you already know I had to go to to Chanel maquillage for 3 days. At maquillage 1.0 I learned mostly about the basics of the Chanel make-up amd why Chanel uses natural make-up!


IMG_7155At 2.0 I learned the best ways to apply make-up. I searched for someone who wanted to write about the different techniques on different kinds of skin for a while. But now I had these lessons I can write about this for you guys!








You probably already know highlight and shape are a trend on Instagram and by celebs. Many of us try to recreate this, but it’s not that easy as it seems like. It’s now popular to apply many on your face. Is this the trend Chanel is following as well?

I already told you Chanel wants to create a natural look with its make-up. But highlights and shapes are ways to create this too: if you apply it lightly!






Apply the Le Blance in a dipping way on the highlight area on your face, don’t forget the places you really want to let stand out.
After this you have to apply the Les Beiges. I personally have N30 (if you’re not sure about the color, try it out in your neck!). Then you powder your fave with the Les Beiges Powder so your skin will be equal and have a natural effect!
On dark spots you can apply Soleil de Tan. This will give your fave some depth.
Tip: if you’ve got a round face make the stripe longer, until your mouth. Blend it with your brush and you’ve got a natural, beautiful look!
And don’t forget to color your cheeks with Jours Contraste!


I put a drawing up so you can see how and where you have to apply everything.


Next time I’ll tell you about the freaky eye and lip maquillage!


Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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