Chanel maquillage 3.0! ’25/04/2016′

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Last time I told you some techniques to apply shape and high lights! This time I’ll tell you about how to apply eye shadow and which colors you can combine with your lipstick!

When you buy a Chanel eye palette, you’ll always have 4 colors. The light colors are to apply on your eyes for the light color obviously, and the darker colors are for the shadows. The way how you apply them and where is all up to you! But I’ll still give you some tips about the Chanel palette based on the one I’ve got!


I’ve got the Chanel Palette Beverly Hills from Chanel themselves and I’m really happy with it!


My tip for these colors is to first apply the light brown color on your whole eyelid. After this you apply the purple/brown color on the corner of your eye, which you’ll then blend on your eyelid. Then try to apply some purple on the inside corner of your eye, which will make your eyes ‘speak’ more.
Lastly, apply the blue color under your eye, with a simple stripe. That’s a way to create a stunning Chanel make-up look!






(I made a drawing for you guys so you’ll have a better idea of how to apply the make-up)

This is one of my favorite techniques, but I have more techniques for you! (Which I’ll tell you another time). I recommend the Chanel Coco Gabrielle 444, the colors are gorgeous. I also recommend nude or brown colors.










Thanks so much Chanel for the tips and hints and of course the products!
I hope you all liked this article and you can always e-mail me for questions!








Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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