Tips about what you can wear for the weather! ’11/05/2016′

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I’ll give you some tips for the beautiful weather the weatherman promised us! Let’s hope it’ll actually stay like this.

° 1 Always check what the weather will be! You’ll be able to prepare for what you can wear that way.

° 2 It’s always good to see it’ll be 20 degrees, but that doesn’t automatically mean it also will be sunny. For all you know it’s going to be muggy with some grey clouds!

° 3 If you’re not sure about the weather, always take a vest with you. It can come in handy when it gets chilly. A vest is always chilly-proof!




° 4 DON’T: yessss, DON’T show too much skin when it’s 20 degrees outside. It’s hot for like an hour or so, but at the end of the day it’s usually chilly. Especially in April and May.







° 5 Wear what you like! It’s spring so wear cute items and try to show them. It’s not ‘wrong’ at all to wear a yellow coat! 


° 6 Always take sunglasses with you just jn case! You never know how bright the sun will be. It’s always handy to have your sunglasses with you than.






I hope you liked my tips. If you have some more problems in the summer, let me know so that I’ll give you more tips the next time.



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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