What is the story behind my designer Coca-Cola bottles? ’16/05/2016′

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I scored my first bottle at a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam! I knFullSizeRender-8ew these bottles existed but I couldn’t find them anywhere. That is until I saw them when I was in the restaurant of the Kunsthal. I saw them on top of a shelf. I asked as nicely as I could if it was able to buy these bottles, and luckily for me, they were!
It’s a special bottle for me, because I was really inspired after seeing Jean Paul Gaultiers exhibition, and now I was able to buy this extraordinary bottle as well!






I found this bottle of Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs By chance in the Bijenkorf. They were piled up near the escalators. I bought it immediatly, together with my first Ted Baker shopper bag! I saw the shopper and immediatly fell in love with it. It was a pink shopper with a little bow on it. I don’t own it anymore sadly, but I do have a black and brown Ted Baker shopper now.









Believe it or not, but I found this MOSCHINO Coca-Cola bottle in a supermarket in Turkey! I saw the 2 different designs and I immediatly bought both bottles. I couldn’t leave them ofcourse! I conserved them for 3 weeks in my suitcase and took them with me back to the Netherlands.


I’m really happy with my Coca-Cola bottles and if there will be more designs I will definitly purchase them. I hope this summer will also mean more designed bottles!
I will let you all know when new ones arrived.


Love, Seylan Aslan

Seylan Aslan

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