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YESSS, many of you already know I interviewed a lot of different people around the world about their styles to learn from each other! But what did I learn from this, and how did I use the information I gained from the interviews in my daily routine?
Well, read all about it here!
° Firstly I’d like to thank Shanisa and Neiide for their interviews. I learned from them that you always have to be yourself, and should do whatever makes you happy.IMG_7342


° Another thing I learned from the interviews is that black is a timeless color, but it’s easy and fashionable to combine black with some colors. And you don’t need to wear black all the time!






° Another thing with great importance to me is if you want to wear heels, you just have to do it. Even though you’re tall. ‘Just do it’ was something Lotte said in a interview! It didn’t matter to her she was taller than her boyfriend when wearing heels, she wears them because she finds them feminine and likes them.

° I even learned from the men I interviewed! Wearing wide shirts for example! Bryson is a good example for this. ‘Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in’.





° I’d also like to thank Raoul, the first man on my blog. He inspired me and others to wear graphic designs with basic items. It’s not a bad combination to make, at all, so GO FOR IT! IMG_4706

It was a fun and great year to meet all these fashionable people all around the world. I’m curious about what will come into my path the upcoming months!






Love, Seylan Aslan

Seylan Aslan

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