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IMG_8633You noticed that Louboutin heels are the hype now, and you want a pair for yourself. Everyone has them and you heard they”re really nice to walk on. You go to the store, try a pair on and in the end you buy a pair. You wear them for a party to show them of. But at the end of the evening you’ve got feet that really hurt.. A lot! What are the best ways to prevent this? I’ll tell you after the interview!


This time I interviewed Koen about his style. Are you curious? Then check his interview!



What do you like to wear most? And why?

Uhm… In the summer I like to wear short-sleeved shirts from famous brands, like Off White and Comme des Garson or a long-sleeved shirt with a denim jacket, leather jacket or a bomber. In the winter I mostly wear a hoodie/crewneck with a long-sleeved shirt underneath and a overcoat, bomber or denim jacket, with only the top buttons buttoned, and a long shirt underneath.



How do you combine your clothes to your body?

I always check if it looks good on me and of it fits well, but other than that I don’t really pay attention to it.

What are the points you pay a lot of attention to? And also, what would you recommend the readers?

I find it important something fits well, even though that’s not the case with my Balenciaga’s. Furthermore it’s important it looks good on me and is easily to combine. It’s important to wear something you like ofcourse. That was not easy in the beginning for me though, because my style isn’t common at my school.





What is the biggest mistake you definitely shouldn’t make? (It definitely won’t fit your body)

The biggest mistake I made are all my outfits until a year ago. All black, with only red shoes. When I look back to my clothes from 3 years ago, I realise the ‘coolcat’ shirts with big smileys on them that I wore weren’t my best Pucks either.


Check his instagram: @koen.wijtmans

Thanks for the interview Koen!


Back to the ‘does it depend per person if a heel doesn’t sit well?’

• Tip 1 ALWAYS, but ALWAYS try them on at least once before you wear heels for a party. 30 minutes a day isn’t that bad you know! This way you’ll get used to the heels and the heels will take in your foot shape.

• Tip 2 Make sure you will be able to actually walk on them. Even sneakers can hurt. Know your foot shape and try to figure out what’s best for your feet. For example: I can’t wear sneakers which have a small foot shape.





• Tip 3 Let’s get real: even if something looks really cute on a person or in the store, it doesn’t automatically mean it looks good on you as well. Be yourself, and try something else for a change!

• Tip 4 If you choose to wear heels/sneaker without trying them on a few times (you rebel, you!), try to walk as straight as possible, even if your feet hurt a lot. Girl, we’re not just normal people, we’re fashionable and we will show that!

I hope you liked my tips and let me know if you’ve got tips of your own!





Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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