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Who doesn’t like it? It’s the SALES season, and just like any other person I’ll be running to the stores to shop! I purchased some new things, but what? Hmm.. And how can I combine these purchases with my style? This time I’ll give you tips and tops about how to combine an item to your own style. These are and always will be tricky things to do after all!

This week I purchased a delicious Valentino Donna perfume with the bodylotion. I really like this fragrance! It’s incredible for a party, but it’s also a fragrance you can wear on a normal weekday. And a tip from me to you; always be critical when choosing a fragrance. Not every perfume is a good choice for your body. This is because every body has another temperature. Perfume responds different depending on the temperature. But it’s also possible for a perfume, which smells really good in the summer, to suddenly stink when you wear it. Sometimes a perfume stinks at first, but after an hour or so it suddenly smells good. Perfumes are always tricky, so always be careful!



I wanted a Michael Kors bag for a long time; specifically a quite famous model and black. Why? Michael Kors inspired a lot of models and other brands. I choose a black Hamilton handbag of saffianoleather. It’s really handy and big, so I can easily bring everything I need with me. How I’m going to wear it? I can wear it at any way, but I’m mostly wearing it my way. If I have to describe my style: basic, but with 1 item that has to be eyecatching. This time it’ll not be the bag, so I’ll most likely choose colored heels as the eyecatching items.


I also bought a Ted Baker keyring for the bag. It was too cute too let go. It also gives the bag a little something, which makes it different than the other bags, without anyone noticing right away!



I was now already at Ted Baker, so I went on to look around some more. And YESS, I saw a scarf! “That’s going to be my scarf” I said to myself! The color combination is amazing. I’m going to wear it with a black mini skirt (something any lady has to have in her wardrobe) with black heels or black Isabel Marants and of course the scarf. Because of everything being basic black, the scarf will be an eyecatcher. My new Michael Kors bag will also be amazing together with this outfit.



These were my new purchases of this week. I have you some tips and tops inbetween. Let me know if you have any questions about an item. I can always give you styling advise, so if you have questions, mail it to:! And don’t forget to keep an eye on my Instagram account: seylanaslan.



Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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