Turkish trends? ’15/08/2016′

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I’m now in Turkey and every country has different trends. So what’s the trend of Turkey 2016? And what is to expect in the trend? I’ll tell you this time!

I saw a lot of hamam cloths, which the people use as a towel. Whut, hamam cloths?? Yess, hamam cloths. It is a trendy piece in Turkey, and everyone loves to wear them!





IMG_0436And the black suede necklace with beads is the summer item of Turkey 2016! I bought this one because I fell in love when I saw it. How lovable is this item?






FullSizeRender-5I saw a bag, it’s called MANU ATELIER, how lovable is this bag? It’s an upcoming brand from Istanbul and it’s really popular with bloggers. I’m in love with it. I checked the prices of the bags and then… my heart broke… It starts from €300,- to €1000,-. I’ll try to buy this bag because I really want it!







When it comes to make-up: the people love to buy make-up from Flormar or Goldenrose. That’s a Turkish make-up brand and I love it too, just like the people!








I want to ask some people in Turkey about their style and how they think about fashion. Next time I’ll tell you that!

Love, Seylan Aslan X

Seylan Aslan

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