Hii, style people! My name is Seylan Aslan and I’m the founder of Style To Your Body!

I live in the Netherlands and I am a graphic fashion and trend student. I’m also busy with my own fashion line, called SA. My start in the fashion world began when I was only 6 years old.

As a young girl I found it difficult to combine clothes for my body. Everyone has a different figure ofcourse. When I saw one of my friends pretty clothes I wanted them as well. But it didn’t suit me because I had a different figure.



So I start a blog on 23th of March! I interview a lot of different people with different style for my blog. I interview people from instagram or my friends!

This blog is ment to inform you about matching to your body type. It’s better to learn about other style! I hope to give some nice tips about it and would really enjoy if it would help your!


Seylan Aslan X


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