London, Paris, Milaan, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona, a lot of fashion countries! And a lot of different styles! Where do you like to shop? Which stores do you like? It’s always different to have different stuffs then other people! 
This week I interviewed an instagrammer from London! He has a different style and he likes to wear pink! That’s hot for a men …
So read about his style!   What do you like to wear most? And why? I’d say what I like to wear most are my white Stan Smiths,

INSTAGRAMM, why are you so stylish?
There are a lot of people with style on instagram! I really like to see how other people style themself. I learned a lot about how they style themself. 
I interviewed a instagrammer this time. I really like his style. It’s about mens style. Why? So that women can learn a lot about how a man styles himself! Are you curious? Read it now then!   What do you like to wear most? And why? What I like to wear the most is all black,

What do you think about streetstyle? Do you look at styles on street? Or on instagram? I interviewed a friend from instagram. I really like her style because it’s a style that is comfortable and the way she combinates it look nice. Do you want to know who this girl is? And do you want to know how she does it? 
Read it now!   What do you like to wear the most? And why? I like oversized clothes the most. Like in the summer: wearing a XL shirt, tights

Black is the new love is the quote of 2014 and 2015. But is it really the quote of 2014 and 2015?
This week I interviewed a girl from my education about her style and how she uses it. She says she wears black a lot, but is that really the case? Black is never an issue for her! Check here how she does it!   What do you like to wear the most? And why? I like to wear black the most, because people who wear black have a strong

What? What?! WHAT? A man??? 
Yes, today is the day I start with articles about how males combine their clothes with their bodyfigures.
I’ve interviewed a friend about his clothing style. Curious how he does it? Check it out!   What do you like to wear the most? And why? I prefer wearing minimal style clothing with fabric being the most important and fit.
My color palette is a lot of black, grey and for the spring/summer some tints dirty pink and olive.
I rarely wear t-shirts with graphic prints with the exception

Another day, Another combo!
This week, I’ve interviewed Pamela about her fashionstyle combined to her body!
I love her style and would love to let you guys know how she does it!   What do you wear the most? “Dresses! Especially Ladress dresses. I’ve become obsessed by them.
Why? Well, whatever figure you got, are you a bit skinny or a bit thicker like me?
They always fit gorgeously. You can look tough if you combine them with boots or classy if you combine them with lovely pumps.
They are for the young but also

I interviewed 2 friends this week about how they combine their clothes with their body figure! 
Read about it and see the differences about how they do it!   What do you like to wear most? And why? Iris: I like to wear jeans with a leather jacket and sneakers. It’s very basic and that makes it safe. I know I’ll feel comfortable wearing these clothes. Tanita: I like to wear black skinny jeans with a basic shirt, you’ll never go wrong with that. I always wear black, white or

Style style style, we can’t live without it! This time I interviewed another friend. She told me how she combines her style with a rectangle figure!   Wat do you like to wear most? And why? I like to wear black clothing the most, because I think you can combine it with everything and looks nice on a body. You’ll almost never look fat in black.   How do you combine the clothing on your body?
 I combine my clothing when I’m fitting them. I look for clothing I like, and

I’ve interviewed a friend about her squareshaped figure. 
This is the way how she loves combining clothes with her body.   What is your favorite style? And why?
 I prefer black and white. These colors also look better with my figure.
With birthday parties or on a casual night out I wear dresses. But skirts not that much.   How do you combine your clothes with your body?
 I like the way jeans fit my figure, so I wear them quite a lot. In the summer however, I like to wear

Triangle/ Pear figure: Where the hips are wider than the waist and bust and shoulders are always narrower than the hips.
Feature: short legs with full thighs.   Inverted triangle figure: Where the shoulders are wider than the hips. In this figure, you have a large bust, slim legs and a flat bottom.
Feature: Fat comes mainly in the abdomen, chest and face before.   Rectangle figure: In this figure you have a boyish look. You have a small or medium bust, slender arms and legs.
Characteristic: the hip has the same width

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