As many of you already know I had to go to to Chanel maquillage for 3 days. At maquillage 1.0 I learned mostly about the basics of the Chanel make-up amd why Chanel uses natural make-up!   At 2.0 I learned the best ways to apply make-up. I searched for someone who wanted to write about the different techniques on different kinds of skin for a while. But now I had these lessons I can write about this for you guys!             You probably already

Yess, the summer is coming and that’s when can wear colorful bags, shoes, hair, sunglasses, pants, skits etc etc! But how do you make a combination? Check the interview of Neiide!   What do you like to wear most? And why? I like to wear everything actualy trousers skirts to dresses! And i like to wear them with some sneakers because im always on the casual look but still fresh. How do you combine your clothes to your body? Well I always try to wear things that fits my body..

Zoals velen van jullie weten was ik laatst bij Alexandre Fabelle en kreeg ik een heerlijke gezichts behandeling. Vorige keer heb ik iets uitgelegd over de verschillen tussen de twee lijnen en ik heb beloofd om meer informatie te geven over puisten. Wat het is, hoe het deze ontstaan en wat we eraan kunnen doen! Ikzelf heb ‘soms’ ook edg veel last. Gelukkig kan Alexandre Fabelle ons hiermee helpen. Ik heb een vette huid met pukkeltjes waar ik zelf een hekel aan heb. De talg en vetproductie moeten we dan

You probably already know I went to the Chanel Couture. I learned about Chanels history and why some specific products are made in a specific way. But I mostly learned about the background of some products! This time I was invited for maquillage 1, 2 and 3. On the first day we learned why Gabrielle Chanel made products in a specific way and which products refer to Gabrielle Chanel.   It was a fun and instructive day! I also learned about, ofcourse, Chanel make-up. This time it was a natural

SPACE! The new trend for 2017, yess this is the trend that is coming soon and we can check it out in the collections of Thierry Mugler. We can also check the new color trends! After the interview I’ll tell you more about it, but first the interview!     This time I interviewed Michella about her style, read it and know more about her style! What do you like to wear most? And why? I love to wear dresses and skirts. I can’t wait until summer. Ahw love to

I went to Chanel Couture last thursday because of work! I’ve got a nice invitation, just like some colleagues. So we got into the car, and drove to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we went into this big, white building, with these really big windows. The entering was amazing. Inside was a large poster of Gabrielle Chanel. We were greeted very friendly. We were a little late because of traffic, so we could enter the room immediatly. With a nice cup of coffee Arthur (professional Chanel trainer) took me along through the

I interviewed a friend of mine about what she wears. But she isn’t a regular person, she is one of the finalists for Miss Teen of Zuid-Holland! (South-Holland) It doesn’t seem easy to me to have your own style in your daily life, only to have a whole other style (on heels!) during the miss contest. Or is she killing her daily style on heels as well? Check the interview about her experience! What do you like to wear most? What i like to wear most is heels. Now that

I’ve got this question many times. And sometimes when I go shopping I see a lot of lovable clothes for men. But can I wear it? Of so, how do I wear it? I’ll give you some tips after the interview! This time I interviewed Ilias, chech his interview! What do you like to wear most? And why? Actually there are so many things that I like to wear at the moment. But the thing I like most right now are destroyed/trashed Jeans. They are very comfortable and so easy

En natuurlijk ga ik vaak naar cursussen om meer te leren over de producten. Maar er was één product dat in mijn hoofd bleef zitten… 2 weken geleden ging ik naar een Alexandre Fabelle cursus om de producten te leren kennen. Het was een heel andere wereld voor me. Jullie weten dat ik vanuit de mode wereld nu stage loop in het beauty circuit. Ik heb vooral geleerd hoe zuinig ik met mijn gezicht moet omgaan en wat bepaalde crèmes met mijn gezicht doen! Ik heb ook geleerd over verschillende

We love to wear hats, bonnets and caps. But where can you find lovely ones and which ones are of this season? And which goes best with an outfit? I’ll give you tips after the interview!   This time I interviewed Jey. Check her interview!   What do you like to wear most? And why? I love to wear skinny jeans, shirt, leather jacket and boots or sneakers, because it is comfortable and fashionable. How do you combine your clothes to your body? I only wear clothes which fits me,

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